Your guide to kissable lips for Valentine's Day

Master a Red Lip for V Day

There are two schools of thought when it comes to red lipstick on Valentine’s Day. The first involves skipping it altogether in favour of something more neutral — you know, in case your date ends in a smooch-a-thon. The other says to throw caution to the wind and up your hotness factor to Megan Fox-esque heights with a bold lip shade that’s impossible to ignore.

We subscribe to the latter. But just in case your night does end with a little lip locking, here are some simple tips to ensure your colour stays put, no matter what the circumstance.

1. Start with lip primer.
Like a foundation primer, a lip primer creates the perfect base for product to be applied. It smoothes the surface of your lips, hydrates so there’s no nasty cracks, and offers your lipstick a surface to cling to for hours on end. Pop it on before anything else.

2. Line your lips.
Once your primer is in place, it’s time to consider your lip liner. Gone are the days of having a darker lip liner than your lipstick (so retro!). Instead, you have two options: Line your lips with a colour that’s the exact shade as your lipstick or choose a liner that’s the exact colour of your lips.

Either way, the purpose of the liner is to coat the edges of your lips in a wax-like substance to prevent your lipstick bleeding out the edges. So whether you choose a liner in the same shade as your lips or lipstick depends on personal preference. Just make sure both shades blend seamlessly together.

3. Apply a matte lipstick.
These days, there are more lipstick formulas than Kerr-Bloom breakup rumours, making your chances of ruby-red lipstick lasting the distance all the more likely. For V Day, skip the creamy formulas and go for something matte and long-lasting, as these options tend to be far more kiss-proof.

4. Seal the deal … with ice cubes!
Finally, once your lips are coloured to perfection it’s time to ‘set’ them with one last little trick — ice. Yep, grab an ice cube out of the freezer and gently glide it along your lips to help seal the deal.

Mwah! You look fabulous.

By Yasemin Trollope for The Style Glossy

Bio: Yasemin Trollope is the managing editor of The Style Glossy Australia & New Zealand. She is a beauty editor currently studying to be a health coach. Her passion for beauty and health is often explored on her blog, The Happiness Cocktail.

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