Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars in Australia

The high cost of petrol is getting a lot of people thinking about their current car. If you have made the decision to purchase a new car and fuel efficiency is key, use the following list to facilitate the process. Note that the figure shown is based on a “combined cycle” which is based on both city and highway driving. If you use your car more in the city – often stopping, starting and accelerating, you will use more fuel.

According to the GreenVehicleGuide, the top 10 most fuel efficient cars in Australia are:

Model Fuel Type Consumption
Mini Cooper D Hardtop 1.6L, 4 seats Diesel 3.9L/100kms
Fiat 500 1.3L, 4 seats Diesel 4.2L/100kms
Smart fortwo 1.0L, 2 seats Petrol 4.4L/100kms
Citroen C3 1.6L, 5 seats Diesel 4.4L/100kms
Fiat Punto 1.3L, 5 seats Diesel 4.4L/100kms
Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.5L, 5 seats Elec/Petrol 4.4L/100kms
Citroen C4 1.6L, 5 seats Diesel 4.5L/100kms
Audi A3 Sportback 1.9L, 5 seats Diesel 4.5L/100kms
Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3L, 5 seats Elec/Petrol 4.6L/100kms
Fiat Ritmo 1.6L, 5 seats Diesel 4.6L/100kms

Given that diesel is more efficient than petrol, it is not surprising to see that seven of the top ten cars use diesel! But given that the top performing cars only seat up to 4 people and offer very little boot space, they may not meet your needs. The other downside is that you’ll have to fork out over $20,000 to get one!

About the Author
Melissa Pye is the founder and Managing Director of Melissa has been working in the automotive industry since the early 1990’s and is pioneering the way women are valued in the industry and works with leading auto brands to educate them on the needs of women.

Source:  – June 2009.

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