Social Networking Site for those Interested in Genealogy is a social network for families with a focus on genealogy. It’s a platform which you and your family can make a ‘home’ online; sharing a family tree, photos, video material, memories and family stories.

The site allows you to invite and keep in touch with family members through its message system and family chat function and help you keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important family moments through sending you reminders for them. The site also allows you to upload pictures and share them. has an automatic tagging feature, which recognises faces and groups them together, helping users organize photo’s easily. The same technology can also compare pictures of people to see how much they resemble family members.

Lastly, the site offers free family tree building software for you to map out your family’s history and allows family members to collaborate in building a tree. The smartmatching feature compares family trees to that of other users and finds resemblances has over a hundred Australian databases to research surnames in so as to further family research.

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