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Your horoscopes for the week June 29 – July 5, 2015

AriesMarch 21 to April 20

Rams are on fire mentally, as you dream up a creative scheme or solve a problem in an innovative way. The Venus/Uranus trine favours romantic escapades or falling in love very fast [which is an Aries specialty]. It’s also a wonderful week to explore fresh horizons with some exciting and entrepreneurial new friends. And the midweek Full Moon charges up your career zone so professional boredom and procrastination are out; and being passionately proactive is in.

TaurusApril 21 to May 21

Are you stuck in a stultifying Taurus rut? This week’s stars encourage you to be a lot more adventurous as you throw off your comfy slippers and go for it. Venus [your ruling planet] hooks up with Jupiter in your domestic zone, so it’s also a fabulous time to socialise with family members or buy something beautiful for your home. Attached Bulls – find fresh ways to reinvigorate the relationship. Singles – when it comes to looking for love, expect the unexpected!

GeminiMay 22 to June 21

Marvellous Mercury aspects boost your gregarious Gemini side and stimulate your innate curiosity. So make sure you fill your week with plenty of pleasurable social activities and exciting learning experiences. Original thoughts and creative ideas could strike at any moment so have your phone, tablet, laptop, pen and paper, paint brush or musical instrument within easy reach, and then you won’t miss a thing. No one does creative communication better than you.

CancerJune 22 to July 23

The power of imagination is on your side this week. Ideas and inspiration come from daydreaming and creative visualisation, as you retreat into your own private inner Crab cave. But you must resist the temptation to shop up a storm, and use retail therapy as a form of entertainment. Find less expensive ways to amuse yourself! If you are attached – expect some rejuvenating romantic antics with your partner. Singles – love and work are linked in wonderful ways.

LeoJuly 24 to August 23

Lions appear to be brazenly bold and brave on the outside but sometimes – on the inside – you feel like a much less confident kitten. This week it’s time to take a deep breath, as you talk up your creative talents and promote your accomplishments with cool confidence and plenty of chutzpah. If you don’t believe in yourself; why should anyone else? Draw inspiration from birthday great, singer/songwriter Debbie Harry “The only person I really believe in is me.”

VirgoAugust 24 to September 23

Have you been overworking and burning the midnight oil? This week’s stars favour taking time out to recharge your run-down batteries, as you contemplate your life and where you’re going. Avoid being overly organised … leave room for spontaneous gestures and exciting surprises. You also have a strong desire to be of service, as you find a novel new way to help others. Be inspired by Princess Diana [born on July 1, 1961] “Everyone has the potential to give something back.”

LibraSeptember 24 to October 23

So much to learn; so little time! It’s the perfect week to channel energy into educating and expanding your mind. Your communication skills are also firing, as you extend your peer group and make exciting new connections. Family comes first midweek, as you work on building firm foundations and fostering affection at Villa Libra. Singles – with lucky Jupiter on your side, the best place to look for love at the moment is online. So start updating your profile pronto.

ScorpioOctober 24 to November 22

Don’t be shy Scorpio! Strive to promote yourself big time, as you push forward in a positive and proactive way. You have much to gain from sharing creative ideas with a compatible colleague. If you’re looking for a new job, now’s the time to strike as lucky Venus and Jupiter enhance your professional persona. And don’t waste time worrying about money. A combination of savvy business sense and trusty intuition will lead you in the right direction.

SagittariusNovember 23 to December 21

It’s a sensational week to shake off the mental cobwebs and stretch your creative wings in expansive new directions. You’re keen to expand your knowledge base, as you pick up ideas and inspiration from all corners of the globe. Plus fabulous opportunities could come from foreign shores, as Venus and Jupiter join up in your travel zone. Sagittarians are the cosmopolitan global citizens of the zodiac, so get connecting with your international buddies ASAP!

CapricornDecember 22 to January 20

Are you experiencing problems with a partner [of the romantic, business or platonic variety]? Drop the “I’m right” attitude and strive to communicate in more consultative ways as you inspire others with your inclusive ideas, networking skills and community spirit. Venus and Jupiter link up in your ‘money-from-others’ zone so it’s a lucky week for finances. But expect some shenanigans on the home front, when a family member tentatively starts a brand new phase.

AquariusJanuary 21 to February 19

Your bohemian side shines brightly this week, as the stars stimulate your endearingly eccentric side. Tap into the adventurous Aquarian you were born to be, as you charm others without even trying. You’re also keen to communicate creatively, so make it a priority to collaborate with like-minded souls so you can achieve a win-win result for everyone. But you’ll need some quality solo time to relax and recalibrate, as the Full Moon stimulates your solitude zone.

PiscesFebruary 20 to March 20

The Sun/Neptune trine and Full Moon encourage you to be as creatively inspired as possible. So it’s a wonderful week to channel your inner artist as you write, draw, act, sing, paint or perform music; plus see a movie, play, concert or art exhibition so you can soak up and appreciate the artistic talents of others. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great, Blondie singer/songwriter Debbie Harry “I’m a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all.”

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