Money Magazine's Best of the Best financial products

Money magazine has published it’s 8th annual Best of the Best awards. Making or saving money in 2009 won’t be easy but it won’t be impossible either says Money Magazine, the nation’s leading independent guide to Australia’s best financial products & services in over 70 different categories.

Money’s Best of the Best identifies winners in over 70 categories. With over 10,000 products from hundreds of different institutions and research spanning over 3 months, here’s how to stay financially ahead in 2009:

Cheapest Balance Transfer Credit Cards:
St George Bank/BankSA (Bank);
Various credit unions (Non-Bank)

Money says: “If you need time to pay off your credit card debt, a balance transfer card is ideal.”

Cheapest Credit Cards:
Bendigo Bank (Bank);
Heritage Building Society & Intech Credit Union (Non-Bank)

Money says: “One way to cut the cost of your credit card purchases is to keep your interest rate as lowest possible – here’s the current pick.”

Cheapest Home Loan Packages:
Commonwealth Bank & Colonial (Bank);
Newcastle Permanent Building Society (Non-Bank)

Money says: “Home loan packages offer a discounted interest rate for the life of the loan, plus a host of other goodies.”

Cheapest Home Loans:
One Direct (Bank);
AMO Group (Non-Bank)

Money says: “These loans are for those who look for low payments rather than flexibility.”

Best First Home Saver Accounts:
Members Equity Bank (Bank);
Hunter United Credit Union (Non-Bank)

Money says: “The government sweetener makes these accounts really worth a look.”

Best Savings Accounts:
Bank of Queensland (Bank);
Hunter United Credit Union, Maitland Mutual Building Society & Newcastle Permanent (Non-Bank)

Money says: “How about a savings account that rewards you for being a good saver?”

Best Balanced Super Fund:
MTAA Super

Money says: “Our winner must be doing something right – it’s triumphed for three years running.”

Best Growth Super Fund:

Money says: “It’s been a tough year but long-term performance is strong for our winning growth fund.”

Best Frequent Flyer Programs:
Westpac (Bank);
American Express (Non-Bank)

Money says: “Big spenders not surprisingly get the best benefits from these frequent flyer cards.”

Cheapest Mobile Plan (Medium Usage):
Gotalk Flexi Cap 45

Money says: ‘A medium user shouldn’t pay more than $45 a month – our winner shone through a strong

Best-Value Car (Under $25,000):
Mazda2 Neo

Money says: “Good looking, spacious and a safe and enjoyable drive.”

Best-Value “Green” Car:
Peugeot 308 Touring XS HDi

Money says: “This car is frugal, torquey and clean…drives well, has the full suite of safety equipment – a bit of character!”

Experts also give their view on the investment outlook for the new year – essential insights for anyone
wanting to make the most of their finances in 2009.

Source: Money Magazine

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