Learn How To Create The Perfect Pancake With Help From Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery

The Pudding Master Class Continues, This Time With A Pancake-Day Special. Everyone has their favourite pudding but not everyone knows how to make them! However, help is here in the form of Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery. Phil is here to give easy step-by-step instructions to create 12 fantastic puddings, one pudcast a month. And bang on time for ‘Pancake day’, join Phil as he prepares a delicious looking Caramel and Bramley Apple Pancake.


With one in five having never attempted a home-made pudding, according to research by Carnation (UK), it must be time to join Phil in his kitchen and get cooking!

Why not logon to www.carnation.co.uk where you can look through a variety of Phil’s tasty recipes and download the pudcasts.

SOURCE: Digital News Agency UK

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