I’ll Take You Riding in My Car Car

I’m so excited. In around two weeks’ time, Renault is delivering a brand new Koleos to our house. Then, they’re going to leave it with us for a whole month – and I’m going to drive that baby, and drive it and drive it and test it and suss it right out.

We’re even going to take this vehicle on a four-day road trip to test out its kid-friendliness for real. We’ll be heading to Sydney for four days on a very special adventure, which I’ll announce soon after the Koleos arrives. Trust me, it’s going to be sweet.

So, I’m excited not only because we’ll have two cars (we have been trying to do the eco friendly thing by living on one car) but also because this car is meant to be totally family-friendly, and this is a good, good thing. Yes, I am so totally ensconced in familyhood that even the latest high-tech sports car wouldn’t even bat one of my eyelids. What is a racy exterior and sex-symbol status when I have built-in window shades and aviation-style side tables for the kids to create colouring-in masterpieces on? I mean – really.

Speaking of racy, I’m also really excited to see the car itself, which I do think is a good looking car. Nice to see familyness doesn’t put the kybosh on style. It looks like a slink little minx, so I can still be that chic soccer mum type person (wannabe) whilst ferrying sporting equipment, manure for the garden and bunny rabbit supplies.

But seriously, I’m also looking forward to finding something ‘different’ in this car. I must admit, I’m one of these whimsical car people who look upon candy-coloured vintage cars with a deep and sentimental retro sigh. I love quirky, I love something that stands out, I love the unique.

Will the Koleos be unique? I have always admired the Renault (I’m a bit of a Francophile, truth be told) but will this newest incarnation be yet another cookie-cutter modern automobile that can’t be sifted from the chaff of every other must-have car jostling for attention in a saturated market place?

Watch this space. I’ll soon let you know.

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