How to Ask for Recommendations on LinkedIn

Business owners and professionals wanting to connect with like-minded people can benefit greatly from using LinkedIn.

This social networking site helps you to connect with companies, potential employers and employees, business associates and colleagues in your specific industry.

LinkedIn also provides several useful features which can help boost your professional image and branding and attract more clients or potential employees.

One of the most effective ways that LinkedIn can help you improve your credibility is through the recommendation feature.

Being recommended on any networking site can mean the difference in establishing a good reputation and earning the trust of professionals.

You may yourself have been asked for a recommendation by one of your connections.  If you are happy with the work they performed, you’d be more than happy to recommend that person and their business, right?

You can do the same thing for yourself on LinkedIn if you’d like colleagues, clients and associates to recommend your work.

LinkedIn users with recommendations have a greater chance of attracting professionals and potential clients and getting inquiries through LinkedIn searches.

How to Ask for A LinkedIn Recommendation
It’s easy to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn. The steps are simple to follow and you can even repeat the process over time to connect with past clients, colleagues and peers and seek their recommendation.

After logging into your LinkedIn account, go to your profile on the top left hand and click Recommendations.

You’ll be then directed to the Recommendations page where three categories are provided – received recommendations, sent recommendations and request recommendations.

When you are on the Request Recommendations page, fill out the available boxes.

The first one will let you choose the job or school you want to be recommended for.

The second box will let you select the people from whom to ask for recommendations. You can include up to 200 people in one message but your email will be sent individually and not via group email.

The third box features your message.

Here, you can use the default message provided by LinkedIn or you can create your own.

Once you’re done, just click the Send button.

On your profile, the recommendations you receive are shown under the Recommendations For section below the Experience area.

Your recommendations, on the other hand, are shown under the Recommendations tab.

So get recommended now and boost your credibility on LinkedIn.

Displaying recommendations from happy clients, colleagues and peers is a powerful marketing tool you can use to showcase your expertise.

Wendy Moore is the founder of and creator of the Savvy List Building Blog