Cookbook: CWA Classics by the Country Women’s Associations of Australia

The Country Women’s Association of Australia has been in existence for more than 60 years and the cooking skills of its members are legendary. CWA Classics combines the very best recipes from five previously published books into one easily accessible volume.

Each and every recipe in CWA Classics reflects the way in which pioneer women used simple ingredients to make good, honest, wholesome meals and to ensure the household had a year-round supply of jams, jellies and relishes. Asparagus chicken casserole, vegetable quiche, all-in-one spaghetti, apple delight, crème caramel and never-fail pavlova are just some of the timeless recipes to be found in CWA Classics.

While many cookbooks contain recipes that are as hard to pronounce as they are to cook, CWA Classics brings together hearty, down to earth recipes that are sure to become staples in today’s modern kitchen. Inside you’ll find soups and stews, casseroles and pies, cakes and preserves, biscuits and slices. From pizza dough to chocolate self-saucing pudding, this is no muss, no fuss, everyday cooking at its best.

Each recipe in CWA Classics has the indelible stamp of CWA sense and sensibility.

Over the years the Country Women’s Association, through their cooking and catering efforts, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars which has been used to support families and communities, particularly in rural areas. CWA Classics continues the tradition with all of the royalties being used to fund a postgraduate nursing scholarship. Awarded to a nurse in a rural area, the scholarship will allow them to learn new skills and thus continue to provide essential support for their community.

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