Clothing Styles that make you Look Younger

Did you know the right style of clothes can make you look younger? Most women are unaware of this fact. Here we reveal the styling tips that will help you turn back the clock, without hurting your hip pocket.

A boxy, guy shirt style tugged into a pleated khaki, won’t work in your favour. It adds fabric and extra pounds to your body and can make a woman look dreary and bland. Instead opt for sleek and flat front stretch pants. It is the latest trend. The turtleneck shirt untucked with Talbots looks wonderful.

Conventional Skirts
The mushroom color dowdy skirt doesn’t flatter anyone. Instead opt for patterned knee skirts. Patterned knee skirts are not only for the college girls. They looks amazing on older women too. Complement it with a motorcycle jacket, tailored denim jackets, and a complexion enhancing tee in a cool mint color. Also, cross body bags are very sporty for the office, so opt for something curvy and elegant.

Avoid Shapely Skirts
The shapely skirt looks long and matronly, and it looks like a sack. So too does a boxy cardigan and flats. Instead opt for knife pleated and swingy above the knee skirts. It is the best way to show off your legs. A violet cardigan with a satin tank looks amazing. It highlights the curves and frames of your faces. Accentuate it with a necklace, bags and shoes.

Lean Jeans
Avoid wearing the Mom Jeans with elastic waist and tapered leg. Similarly, a no waist blazer and clunky sneakers are best suited for the gym. Instead opt for bootcut stretch jeans. They look chic and lovely. Combine it with a color blocked cardigan, padded soles and leopard flats. Don’t forget to accentuate it with signature bags, necklace and shoes.

Roll Up the Sleeves
To give an illusion of a slim look, roll up the sleeves of the sweater or go for a shirt with three quarter length sleeves.

Showcase your shoulder
It is one part of body that doesn’t warrant covering up as you age. Opt for boatneck or a scooped neckline and if you have a bigger bust, go for a V neck to show off your cleavage and decolletage to make you look less bulky.

Wear the Right Bra
The major mistake that women make is wearing bras with a loose band. It makes the back of the bra rise up and causes the breast to sag.

To make tummy fat, opt for a cami or a high waisted brief, and to trim down the bulky thighs opt for bike shorts. This perfect garment smooths our the figure and makes you look lighter.

Latest Sweater Look
Camouflage body fat with a long cardigan or a V neck T shirt. You can even opt for a ruffled edge waterfall sweater that tends to be longer in the front. Ensure that it covers the bum properly and don’t overwhelm the frame. You can wear it like an open jacket along with slim pants.

Match the color of shoes with skirts or pants
To look longer match the color of your skirts or pants with panty hose. The nude shoes along with nude hosiery makes the legs appear longer.

Wear a bold necklace and patterned panty hose, so the whole attention is drawn to the face and legs, not to middle.

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