Food Rating Stars website launched in Australia

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While the Federal Government continues to drag their feet on re-launching the original Health Star Rating (HSR) website, the George Institute for Global Health in Australia, has launched an alternative. The FoodSwitch STARS website provides health star ratings for 55,000 supermarket food … [Read more...]

The Syria Crisis: Helping those who need it most

Who suffers most during civil war? Who needs the most help during such a devastating event as the Crisis in Syria? Many argue that it is the children and families of disaster who suffer the most. Losing family members, having to leave their homes with nothing, leaving everything they know and hold … [Read more...]

Australian women are not getting a fair go in politics

PY at Cremourne CROPPED to upper body only Dec 12

Leading growth strategist and culture specialist Pamela Young (pictured) argues that recent events in Australian politics suggests this country is moving backwards on the issue of diversity and gender equality. Foul play versus passive aggressive excuses: neither strategy will deliver diversity in … [Read more...]

I had two heart attacks before my 30th birthday


Karlie Burgess (pictured) suffered her first heart attack at the tender age of 27. The blood vessels of Karlie’s heart are now supported by three stents – small metal scaffolds that open up clogged arteries to restore normal blood flow. For the upcoming World Heart Day on September 29th , Karlie is s … [Read more...]