Parents want complete sex education

The vast majority of parents support comprehensive sex education programs starting in primary school, and rate topics such as birth control and communicating about sex above discussions about abstinence, a university researcher has found. “The vast majority of parents want sex education to cover i … [Read more...]

The Bub Hub: an internet success story

Brad and Hilary Lauder launched the Bub Hub in 2002 when the Internet was still a new addition in most Australian homes.  Over the years the couple has seen an explosion in the number of parenting sites launched on the Internet, including some fierce competition provided by large media corporations i … [Read more...]

Family friendly jobs portal for parents

Australia's leading parenting website, the Bub Hub has launched another online first in Australia with a Jobs & Career portal specifically designed to meet the needs of parents. The Bub Hub has partnered with Part Time Online, Just Be! and Mums in Business to provide an unparalleled resource … [Read more...]

Every child needs a hero

In an initiative to help raise money for local Australian primary schools and support children devastated by the impact of abuse, neglect and family violence, the Australian Childhood Foundation has invited more than 5000 schools to participate in its Childhood Hero Dress-up Day, which will be held … [Read more...]

Calculate university costs online

Parents and students can now determine the estimated costs of University based on their career choices and living options thanks to the Australian Scholarships Groups’ unique new online University Costs Calculator. The online University Costs Calculator is the second calculator ASG has developed a … [Read more...]