Back to School Planning Tips

I know, I know – it seems like the school holidays have only just begun, but like most years, January will evaporate like a salty ocean droplet on a surfer’s shagpile head. Suddenly, you’ll be staring down the barrel at your sunburnt children with their hoofers crammed into too-small-school shoes, to … [Read more...]

Scheduling some New Year Planning

A short while ago, I attended a businesswomen's social meeting (complete with festive nibbles and bubbles) and listened to the supremely calm and organized Emma Grey (author of our recent book giveaway Wits' End Before Breakfast, and new AWO contributor) speak. Emma runs WorkLifeBliss - a … [Read more...]

Are You a Family of High-Tech Neanderthals?

I'm quite techno savvy. I work online, run my own sites, know how to use the latest internet software and understand what an emoticon is and what twitter does. I'm on facebook, I blog, I can text really fast on my BlackBerry (complete with acronyms), and yes, I can even programme the VCR. I will … [Read more...]

Keeping House for Modern Day Kids

Oh boy, my kids could pass for the Queen of Lackadaisical Land and the Sultan of Lazytown. Have you been to these places? I visited briefly when the heavens opened and delivered us an 'ayi' [read: cook/maid] during our posting in Beijing. Since coming back to Real Life, however, in the magical land … [Read more...]

Ocsober Is Nearly Over!!

I put an exclamation point on the title of this article because I wanted to you to think I was really excited for Ocsober to be over and that I was rolling about on the floor, clutching at my throat, gagging for a shooter, gasping for a martini, choking for a lick of the edge of a salted magarita … [Read more...]