Finding the Perfect Used Car

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Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Finding it a bit difficult to find the perfect one to suit your needs? There are definitely a lot of options available to you, in terms of where to buy your car, what make and model to choose or whether to buy private or via a dealer. All the choice can … [Read more...]

Top 9 Cars Women Buy More Often than Men


Auto makers have been quick to figure out that cars aren't something that only men are interested in buying. Recent figures show that close to two-thirds of all new vehicles sold are purchased directly by women and not just influenced by them. So what do women want in a car? For most, it would be a … [Read more...]

Simple Car Maintenance Tips

A car is an essential for any busy woman. It helps us get to the shops, ferry the kids to school and driving on a country road is a great way to relax and unwind. The problem is that cars can be a huge drain on the bank balance, especially if they aren't looked after properly. Here are a few tips … [Read more...]

2011 Used Car Safety Ratings

NRMA Motoring & Services and the NSW Centre for Road Safety have released safety ratings for used cars involved in crashes, and introduced a Safe Pick rating for the very best vehicles in each category. NRMA vehicle safety expert Jack Haley said the annual Used Car Safety Ratings provided consumers … [Read more...]

Australia's Best Cars for 2009

The Volkswagen Golf and Subaru Outback have won two of the most popular categories in the Australia’s Best Cars awards, presented at a gala industry dinner in Melbourne last night. The Golf 118 Tsi Comfortline won the award for Best Mid-size Car over $30,000, while the Outback 2.5i picked up the p … [Read more...]

It's a Sweet Life Family Road Trip – Day Four

Day Four of our Koleos It’s A Sweet Life adventure meant home time. Alas. How we loved our short stay in Sydney, and could have easily spent another twenty years exploring the enriching tendrils that seem to snake down every single laneway and waterway. I actually decided, when we dragged our c … [Read more...]

I’ll Take You Riding in My Car Car

I’m so excited. In around two weeks’ time, Renault is delivering a brand new Koleos to our house. Then, they’re going to leave it with us for a whole month - and I’m going to drive that baby, and drive it and drive it and test it and suss it right out. We’re even going to take this vehicle on a fou … [Read more...]

Car Advice for Women: Be a Label Lover

We all love our labels. Some labels carry brand names that make us feel cool, while other labels provide us with valuable information, such as how many grams of fat are in each biscuit. When it comes to cars, labels can be just as important. I’m not talking about the one that sits in the middle of t … [Read more...]

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars in Australia

The high cost of petrol is getting a lot of people thinking about their current car. If you have made the decision to purchase a new car and fuel efficiency is key, use the following list to facilitate the process. Note that the figure shown is based on a “combined cycle” which is based on both city … [Read more...]

Get Optimum Fuel Efficiency out of your car

There is a standard list of things every driver should do in an effort to improve fuel efficiency. Saving on petrol is not just in the type of car you own, but in how you drive it and how you maintain it. For starters, your driving habits need to change to save on petrol. Think about your driving … [Read more...]

Motor Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Vehicle maintenance is not a tedious chore. In fact, making sure your car runs properly with scheduled visits to the mechanic will most likely keep your car out of the repair shop and on the road. Most mechanics are honest, but some do try to convince you to perform maintenance more often than you … [Read more...]

Tips when buying a used car

People often ask me what they can do to get a good used vehicle for a good price. While the answer isn’t always simple, it’s safe to say there is a little bit of information that can go a long way toward that goal. Here are three tips that if followed, will benefit you the most when it’s time to buy … [Read more...]