Cookbook Review: Eat Vegetarian by Sam Stern

Sam Stern has always been passionate about food - since he was a kid. Well, actually, he still is a kid. Or a teen. He's a Teenage Chef who published his first cookbook at fourteen and is now releasing his fifth book - Eat Vegetarian - a fresh take on flavoursome food from the youthful tastebuds of f … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: Creole by Babette de Rozières

I have a serious love affair with Phaidon, who consistently release some of the most coveted books on the reader planet, and this latest addition is yet another book to teeter on the covetable pile. Creole cuisine is a frontrunner in the world’s historical collection of fusion foods. One of the f … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: High Tea at the Victoria Room

The Victoria Room is a restaurant and bar in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It is all about sophisticated, fine dining in an opulent atmosphere redolent of the British Raj. And they do High Tea – something many reviewers have raved about. For those of us not lucky enough to live within easy reach (or perhaps … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: Maggie’s Kitchen by Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer has become synonymous with local, high quality ingredients used to produce gorgeous inspirational food. Her passion for uncompromising excellence has given her a position as one of Australia’s leading cookery authors, on a par with a selected few such as Stephanie Alexander. She has r … [Read more...]

Book Review: Masterchef – The Cookbook

MasterChef Australia: The Cookbook Volume 1 is the best-selling book in Australia after its first full week on sale, making it the fastest selling illustrated cookbook opening week ever recorded on Nielsen BookScan  (stats released by Random House Australia). Yes, I was thoroughly addicted, glued to … [Read more...]

Monica Trapaga returns with some home cooking

You might remember her from Better Homes & Gardens and almost everyone remembers Monica Trápaga from her years on ABC’s Playschool. In the five years since she last appeared on Australian television, Monica Trápaga has been busy raising kids, recording Jazz CD's and writing a cookbook, inspired … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: Little Vietnam by Nhut Huynh

I can still remember the moment I slid my teeth into my very first Vietnamese rice paper roll. I can feel the soft, dry, sticky exterior on my lips and tongue. I can feel the slight give of the sheet as my teeth enter the interior of the roll, and the tang of the fragrant dipping sauce on the tip … [Read more...]