How Women Can Get Noticed at Work

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Roma Gaster, Director of The Leadership Circle, discusses the many reasons why women still struggle to get noticed by senior management. Factors like unconscious bias, women not putting themselves forward, under-estimating their performance and also differences in the way men and women communicate, … [Read more...]

How to create a Technology Start-up


Founder of Workible, a mobile and social recruitment platform for flexible workforce industries, Fiona Anson (pictured), writes about her journey into creating a technology start-up with her business partner Allison Baker. The idea of Workible came from an idea that was sparked from many shared car … [Read more...]

Meet the Women of Telstra


Success as a company depends on great people. As one of only 16 companies in the ASX200 to be given a green light by Women On Boards for demonstrating a commitment to improving gender diversity within their organisation, Telstra is considered to be one of Australia's most diverse and inclusive … [Read more...]