100 Australian Women of Influence 2012

Jan Owen, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Young Australians has topped the list of 100 Women of Influence for 2012. Nine additional women from the 100 Women of Influence list have been honoured for their contribution to the economic and social future of Australia at the 2012 Women of … [Read more...]

London is Calling for Australian Nannies

London wants Australian nannies. Traditional jobs for the UK childcare market leaned toward hiring Italian, French and other Western European women as nannies, but the market is changing rapidly according to UK childcare companies. The typical Briton is looking more toward Australians to carry out … [Read more...]

Naked on stage and loving it By Emma Grey

I spoke at something this week without the parachute of speaking notes. When I began public speaking as part of my work a few years ago, I’d be sick with nerves from the moment I booked the talk into my diary. I’d have every single word written out in 14 point font – an enormous pile of papers that … [Read more...]

Back to school at age 42

I'm really excited this evening because tomorrow, I will join the growing number of adults who have enrolled in a course of study through Open Universities Australia (OUA). It's a dream come true for me, a chance to finish what I started 20 years ago when I first enrolled at university. Although … [Read more...]

When fear of failure holds you back

My literary agent has been waiting for the synopsis of my teen trilogy now for a week-ish. Er, make that a fortnight. At least. This is the same trilogy that I started writing approximately four years ago – words tumbling onto the page like they were coming home, until ninety-eight percent of the … [Read more...]