Book Review: Maeve Binchy's Treasury

[rating: 4] “Treasury” is an apt description of this wonderful collection of over 40 short stories. Each of the stories is a real gem, unique and beautiful. Some are as subtle as aquamarines, or dazzling with the bright fire of diamonds; a few perhaps glowing with the depth of rubies and others, gen … [Read more...]

Book Review: Ruby Blues by Jessica Rudd

[rating:4] Ruby Stanhope, the delightfully imperfect star of last year’s chick lit sensation Campaign Ruby, returns to answer that perennial question – what happened next? It’s two years since Max Masters became prime minister and Ruby is still working for him. Her life is now a series of early morni … [Read more...]

Book Review: Nomad by Sibella Court

[rating: 4] How glorious it is to travel. To wander the planet and delight in the cultural and geographical wonder stretching to all corners of the globe. To delve into, experience, treasure ... and perhaps even amass the odd memento, souvenir, precious object that found its way to us, whether by … [Read more...]

Book Review: Madam Tussaud by Michelle Moran

[rating: 5] Whether you have visited one of her many wax museums or not, you will have no doubt heard of Madame Tussaud. And even if her life is something that has never crossed your mind before, you will finish this book with a thirst to find out more. The year is 1788, the King and Queen of … [Read more...]

Book Review: Horoscopes 2012 by Milton Black

[rating: 4] There’s something to be said about ‘creating your own life’ – about reality stemming from that which you believe. Such is the hidden and relatively untapped power of the mind. Soothsayers and oracles throughout the ages have used various means of predicting the future or offering auspici … [Read more...]

Book Review: Belle by Lesley Pearse

[rating: 4.5] I loved this book. I just wanted to be able to say that first. Belle is a fifteen year old girl, living in her mother’s brothel in Seven Dials with dreams of being a milliner. Until she witnesses the murder of one of the women working there, she is completely innocent to what happens u … [Read more...]