Book Review: Home by Anita Kaushal

[rating:4] Londoner Kaushal has made it her personal mission to seek out the best places, products and ideas to make homelife with children stylish, practical and beautiful. Part lifestyle, part interiors, part ideas and reflection book, Home is a hard cover tome that can be flicked through for … [Read more...]

Book Review: Greetings from Knit Café

[rating:5] Opening Greetings from Knit Café is like receiving a big, warm, woolly hug. Author Suzan Mischer first learned to knit when she was seven. Her grandmother gave her a long pair of needles and some bright pink scratchy wool and very soon, Mischer’s first knitted creation lay before her – a … [Read more...]

Book Review: Ready, Set, Go?

[rating:4.5] One of the biggest steps a child takes is donning that backpack and heading off to school. It's not just academics each child needs to face - it's social skills and awareness, the ability to focus and delineate, accomplished physical and spatial skills, self-confidence and readiness to … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: Junior MasterChef

[rating:4] If the adult version of MasterChef really roasted your potatoes, then it's likely (unless you're the type who doesn't like working with animals or small children) that Junior MasterChef also inspired you - or perhaps the kids - more than ever before. I loved the series and, other than … [Read more...]

Poopy Kids' Book a Charity Winner

Having a baby is one of the great joys of life, and expecting parents enter prospective births with much excitement and anticipation . . . What they don't usually expect, however, is to come face-to-face with potential - or tragically - real loss. When little Elise Sneddon was born by forceps … [Read more...]

New Zealand with Kids – Wellington

The drive in to Wellington is fascinating. When coming in from the north, you hit a multi-lane road (one of very, very few, all over NZ - hurrah!) and then weave through a series of cavernous hills, dipping down into a harbour which comes suddenly and spectacularly into view. The city proper … [Read more...]

New Zealand with Kids – Rotorua

On day four of our NZ road trip, we left Auckland early, grabbed takeaway coffees and headed south east on highway 1 before turning off at highway 2 towards Matamata or ‘Hobbiton’ – the site where the Hobbit’s village was filmed in The Lord of the Rings. In keeping with NZ’s steep tourist prices, an … [Read more...]

New Zealand with Kids – Auckland

Hard to believe we’d not yet travelled to our across-the-ditch neighbour New Zealand… so a school holiday trip was long overdue. As we’re not [yet] skiers, we thought the height of summer might be a great time to take the kids for a two week, two-island tour – most especially because it meant we coul … [Read more...]

The Inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference

Inspired by the blogging phenomenon that is Blogher, a small group of fabulous women bloggers have been busy working over the last six months to put together the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference or ABC. ABC is going to be a day-long program aimed at getting bloggers from all over the country … [Read more...]

Book Review: Room for Children

[rating:4] You don’t need to be a design lover to crave a beautiful space for your children for sleep and play, and this stunning new book by Susanna Salk certainly provides the inspiration to create something whimsical, functional and memorable. Room for Children is a drool-fest of children’s roo … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: India The Cookbook

[rating:4.5] When I first took India The Cookbook and lifted it up, the first thing that struck me was the weight. Many fat, tome-like cookbooks (and there are many of late) are like poured concrete, making cooking from them a bit of a task and reading them on the couch the equivalent of a … [Read more...]

Tokyo – A Beginner's Guide

Hankering for Tokyo (who isn't?) but totally intimidated (who isn't?). Well worry no longer. This beginner's guide will whet your appetite for more than just melt-in-your-mouth sashimi. My husband and I travelled (sans kids) to Tokyo and Kyoto in 2007 and our visit was one of the most memorable … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: The Sam Stern Series

[rating:4] I first had the pleasure of reviewing young Sam Stern's Eat Vegetarian (see AWO's review here) back in June and I must admit, I was instantly hooked. Publishing his first book at the age of 14 (okay, with a little help from his mum), this young food-lover has released an astonishing five … [Read more...]

Cookbook Review: The Silver Spoon

[rating:4] There are a plethora of cookbooks on the market and amongst that plethora are the 'classics'. But are they all they're cracked up to be? I feel a bit compelled to check them out and tell it like it is. Starting with Italian culinary bible, The Silver Spoon. And so here it is - fat and … [Read more...]