Taxes by Kerri Sackville

If you could just let me know your writing income and any deductions and I can get this finished. The email from my accountant was very helpful, and couldn’t have made things more straightforward. All I had to do was make a few simple calculations, type them into a document, and press ‘send’. And th … [Read more...]

The Cleaning Lady Did It by Kerri Sackville

About three weeks ago I bought myself some hair conditioner. Not your standard, supermarket shelf hair conditioner; no, this was the real deal. A boutique brand hair ‘masque’ in a tub, bought for a considerable sum of money to repair my dry, damaged and aesthetically-disturbing frizz ball of a coi … [Read more...]

Day One by Kerri Sackville

My son started high school yesterday. And it was fine. Just fine. Okay, so I sat in the car afterwards and wept, but that’s not a big deal. I weep all the time these days. Transitions are hard, and this one particularly so. I hadn’t anticipated how hard it would be. And it wasn’t the fact that my so … [Read more...]

(Don’t) Do It Yourself Part 2 by Kerri Sackville

Last week I related an unfortunate episode involving me, a pair of kitchen scissors, a Bad Hair Day, and the mistaken belief that I had hairdressing skills. Happily, a hairdresser quickly rectified my self-imposed disaster with what is known as a ‘repair cut’. In the end, nothing was lost but sev … [Read more...]

The Games We Play by Kerri Sackville

"Is P-H-I-J-O-R-N a word?" my son asks. "Yes," I tell him. "P-H-I-J-O-R-N is definitely a word. It means 'to attempt to cheat at Scrabble'". It is the Christmas holidays and there is a faint hint of desperation in the air. How to fill the long, empty days in the holiday house with my parents, … [Read more...]

(Don’t) Do It Yourself by Kerri Sackville

Here’s some advice for you: Do not attempt to cut your own hair. Unless you are an ambidextrous hairdresser with eyes in the back of your head, do not do it. Nothing good will ever come from it. Of course, I am asking you to do as I say, not to do as I do. I have been cutting my own fringe for y … [Read more...]

The Sleeping Mother Fails Again by Kerri Sackville

I like sleeping, and I do not much like waking up. At least, I do not much like waking up after anything less than a full eight* hours sleep. This would not be a problem, except that I have a four year old daughter, who does not much like sleeping in. Boo is an ‘early riser’ every day of the week, e … [Read more...]

How to Throw a Party by Kerri Sackville

It is never easy being a mother. It is even less easy being a mother when you’re unwell and it’s your daughter’s fourth birthday party and you’ve had to invite the entire class of 20 kids because your daughter was invited to all of their parties and she really really really wants to have all her frie … [Read more...]

The Stranger by Kerri Sackville

A few weeks ago I took off my clothes in front of a handsome stranger. I’d like to report that it was in an expensive hotel suite for the purposes of a steamy extra-marital dalliance, but in fact it was in a steamy indoor swimming pool for the purposes of expensive children’s swimming lessons. It wa … [Read more...]

Losing My Mind by Kerri Sackville

The other day, I phoned a friend from my land line. Just as I was calling her, my mobile phone started to ring. I hung up the landline and picked up the mobile, but at that exact moment the call dropped out. I looked at the 'missed call' to see who it was and got quite a surprise. It was me. Yes, … [Read more...]

The Deficit by Kerri Sackville

Last Monday I handed in the manuscript for my second book. It has been a crazy few months since I was given my November 1st deadline and I am thrilled that I have made it. And forget the ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’..... quite frankly I have no idea how I did it. I have three kids, one who is high … [Read more...]

Thank You by Kerri Sackville

Last week, a close of friend of mine had a rough few days. She’d received some unexpected news, had to make a difficult decision, and was struggling with the best path to take. She didn’t announce her dilemma to her friends, or post it on Facebook, or write about it on Twitter. She chose to confide i … [Read more...]

What I Don’t Know by Kerri Sackville

I am not a very knowledgeable person. Now, before you start thinking, 'Oh, she's just putting herself down to be humble', let me set you straight. I'm not. I have detailed knowledge about a very few things, and practically no knowledge about the rest of the world. I can recite endless passages from … [Read more...]

Forty Three by Kerri Sackville

Today is my birthday. I’m forty three. My family have showered me with love and I’ve received some lovely presents, including a slow cooker, and a pair of microwavable slippers to keep my feet warm. Everything is perfect. Everything, that is, except the fact that I’m forty three. Forty three is my ‘ … [Read more...]

10,000 Hours Isn’t Always Enough by Kerri Sackville

According to Malcolm Gladwell, a writer and philosopher, the key to success is 10,000 hours – you become a master at a skill once you’ve practiced it for 10,000 hours. According to that theory, I should be a master of parenting. My two older kids were eight and six by the time my youngest daughter w … [Read more...]

A Room Of My Own by Kerri Sackville

Since I moved in with my husband, I have longed to have a Room Of My Own. Other people long for fancy cars, or pieces of jewellery, or a home in Paris; I just yearned for an office space with four walls and a door I could close against the world. In our first home, a three bedroom duplex, there was … [Read more...]

The Conversation by Kerri Sackville

It’s nine pm on a Tuesday evening  and I am absolutely shattered after a long, hard day. I’ve only just got the eldest of my three kids to bed, I still have school lunches to make, and all I can think about is sinking into bed. But my husband The Architect has wandered into the kitchen, and has begu … [Read more...]

MasterChef Guilt by Kerri Sackville

"Mum," says my 12 year old son, "I want something like ice cream, but not ice cream. Using banana as the key ingredient. Surprise me."

 And for the umpteenth time, I silently curse Masterchef, which has led me into this hell.

 I don't enjoy cooking. I never have. I know it has to be done, because … [Read more...]