Taxes by Kerri Sackville

If you could just let me know your writing income and any deductions and I can get this finished. The email from my accountant was very helpful, and couldn’t have made things more straightforward. All I had to do was make a few simple calculations, type them into a document, and press ‘send’. And th … [Read more...]

The Cleaning Lady Did It by Kerri Sackville

About three weeks ago I bought myself some hair conditioner. Not your standard, supermarket shelf hair conditioner; no, this was the real deal. A boutique brand hair ‘masque’ in a tub, bought for a considerable sum of money to repair my dry, damaged and aesthetically-disturbing frizz ball of a coi … [Read more...]

Day One by Kerri Sackville

My son started high school yesterday. And it was fine. Just fine. Okay, so I sat in the car afterwards and wept, but that’s not a big deal. I weep all the time these days. Transitions are hard, and this one particularly so. I hadn’t anticipated how hard it would be. And it wasn’t the fact that my so … [Read more...]

The Games We Play by Kerri Sackville

"Is P-H-I-J-O-R-N a word?" my son asks. "Yes," I tell him. "P-H-I-J-O-R-N is definitely a word. It means 'to attempt to cheat at Scrabble'". It is the Christmas holidays and there is a faint hint of desperation in the air. How to fill the long, empty days in the holiday house with my parents, … [Read more...]

How to Throw a Party by Kerri Sackville

It is never easy being a mother. It is even less easy being a mother when you’re unwell and it’s your daughter’s fourth birthday party and you’ve had to invite the entire class of 20 kids because your daughter was invited to all of their parties and she really really really wants to have all her frie … [Read more...]