Australia’s Next Top Model a True Role Model?

Australia’s Next Top Model rates well. Really well. In fact, last year the premiere of series 5 entered the record books and became the most watched show on pay TV. Many of the viewers are teen girls and many of the contestants are teen girls. This year, of the 16 contestants, only two are out of t … [Read more...]

Are 14-year-old Girls Really Nothing But Trouble?

A recent UK survey of parents with children over 18 years of age revealed that 14-year-old girls are considered the most difficult to parent. Kathryn Crawford, co-editor of the website that conducted the survey, said “New parents live in dread of the ‘Terrible Twos’, but parents of teenagers will te … [Read more...]

The Darker Side of Facebook: Cyber-Bullying

Facebook has become a positive part of many of our lives, but there is a darker side of Facebook that all parents and educators need to be aware of: cyber-bullying. It is inevitable that bullies will try to use social networking sites as a tool. It gives them a platform to humiliate their vi … [Read more...]

Girls in Trouble in a Post-Feminism World

Parents, teachers and educators everywhere know in our hearts that girls and young women are in trouble and need our support. And the evidence is mounting to prove that we are right to be concerned. A 19-year-long Scottish study published recently in the journal of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Twilight

There has been a kind of hysteria surrounding the Twilight series of late. With the release of the second movie, New Moon, bloggers, commentators (and just about anyone with an internet connection) have rushed to vent their opinions—not on the quality of the movie but on whether the main female c … [Read more...]

The Fashionista Fallout

This is the Fashionista Generation. Chalk it up to Gossip Girl or Next Top Model or all those banks who handed out credit cards like they were candy — whatever the reasons, designer labels have become a part of our culture. We use them to fit in, to stand out, to create a glow of status and p … [Read more...]