Aussie Mums open male escort agency catering exclusively to women

Man and woman sitting in hotel lobbyA casual conversation over coffee between two mums in a suburban kitchen gave birth to a novel idea for a business – a high-end male escort agency catering exclusively to the needs and desires of women, with a particular focus on the discerning, professional woman aged between 40 and 60.

Although there are several agencies established in Sydney, Aphrodisiac Male Escorts is the first high-end escort agency for women based in Melbourne. Like similar agencies operating in Europe and the United States, this agency caters primarily to women from the business-end of town.

After noticing the number of male-run brothels operating in their suburb, Sarah Jones* and Michelle Smith* began discussing the lack of options afforded to mature women seeking sexual fulfillment in a sex industry that caters almost entirely to the desires of men.

“At an age when women have achieved professional and personal maturity and finally know what they want, the opportunity to explore their desires diminishes,” said co-founder of Aphrodisiac Male Escorts, Sarah Jones.

“So we decided to do some research. We did come across a few questionable escorts who were working independently but there was nothing else out there for women in Melbourne.”

With years of experience working in the service industry between them, Sarah and Michelle – who are both aged in their 40s and have been friends since childhood – were confident they could provide the quality, high-end service professional women were looking for.

Nine months ago these suburban mums quit their jobs in the services sector and began taking bookings. After a slow start, business began picking up as word spread about town of a new high-end escort service catering exclusively to women.

“Our clients are intelligent, hard-working, successful and well-rounded individuals from all walks of life,” said Sarah. “Many of our clients hold high-powered positions in the corporate world and simply don’t have the time or energy for the dating scene. Others are simply seeking a thrilling experience in a safe environment.”

Sarah told Australian Women Online: “It’s not about sex. It’s about having a quality experience. It’s about getting her needs met rather than having some drunk on top of her. Safety, discretion, all of those things are really important and women have had enough of online dating and picking up in bars.”

The recruitment process for escorts is long and arduous for the men of Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. Most men who apply to work as a male escort for the agency won’t get past the initial email screening process. For the survivors, there is an initial interview over the phone followed by a face-to-face interview with Sarah and Michelle. The men are then required to undergo a health check where they will be tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and a criminal record check. The gentleman is then placed in a hotel room with one of several female volunteers who work with the agency.

“We have several ladies from different backgrounds, ages and sizes,” Sarah explains. “We place them in a hotel room with a volunteer lady. That’s the way we test their enthusiasm for this type of work and we also want to find out if they can live up to all their promises.”

After being put through their paces by one of the volunteers, those still standing are then subjected to a second round of interviews before being placed on the agency’s books. The whole process takes about five months but Sarah and Michelle make no apologies for the time and effort required from the men who want to do this type of work.

“This industry works on word of mouth, so positive feedback is very important to us,” said Sarah. “Our escorts are well-educated, they come from good families, they’re very funny and have an extraordinary reverence for women. They are passionate and they are predominately European. They are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!”

They are also paid very well. The cost of booking a male escort starts at $350 an hour for a social escort (no sex) and $500 an hour for a more intimate experience (ie., sex).

“It really depends upon what the woman is looking for,” says Sarah. “If we have to go to a lot of effort to organise a particular experience or scenario, then the cost does goes up. Our pricing is in line with the effort and attention to detail we put in to provide experiences which are extraordinary.”

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*Names have been changed.


  1. My Male Companion says

    Amazing article and congratulations ladies. I have used Aphrodisiac Male Escort services for the third time and I can honestly say that I am satisfied. After having two beautiful children and a terrible break up, the service Aphrodisiac provides as good as a five start hotel. Again, thank you for helping me find myself again. By the way I would like to send a big kiss to Roberto. He is adorable as a male companion. :-)

  2. steph says

    It’s not fair male escorts are always positioned as being for “professional” women. What about normal women who just want sex? Who can afford $500 an hour! It’s completely unfair men only have to pay a much smaller fee for the same service.

    • Lara says

      Steph, thai is the niche market that this company is providing- you don’t actually have the right to get upset with a company for catering to what they see as a gap in the market.
      There actually IS private male escort ads in almost all major and smaller local newspapers and on the net for a lot less of a price. BUT- you pay for what you GET! I am a private female escort and I charge $400 per hour sex or no sex! And if I am touring that increases up to $700p/h.

      Also please remember we are literally hiring out THE MOST private and intimate part of ourselves! to numerous people whom we almost certainly do not even know for ore than 2-5 minutes sometimes before having to ‘make love’ to them! It is risky- health wise and safety wise, it can be dirty and horrible, we get abused regularly, deal with idiots calling demanding we offer serves unprotected or for $50!! And we are so many different service providers rolled into one- counsellors, psychologists, sex therapists, relationship therapists, massage therapists, lovers, wives, girlfriends, porn stars, classy ladies who get take to dinner and the get our hair pulled and and arses spanked by men our grandfathers age! And sometimes thats actually on a GOOD day!

      Please don’t tell us that it is ‘not fair’ that we price our services out of some peoples reach. We have every right to do so!

      What is YOUR body and YOUR vagina worth Steph?

      • Lisa says

        Well said Lara. Supply and demand rules the day. I would not be able to afford these services but good on these women for establishing such a business.

    • James says

      My name is Jai and I’m a male escort. I take pride in the services I provide for women. I don’t always just get bookings for sex. I accompany women to functions, dinners, movies whatever they need a companion for. I also provide erotic massage and sex. Sometimes all they need the most is someone to talk to or to listen to them. And my rates are competitive, and on a scale.

  3. John Doe says

    Pretty exploitative that someone would have to have sex with a “volunteer” before even knowing if
    they had secured a position or not. In fact it’s illegal.

    • Deborah Robinson says


      There is no exploitation here and it isn’t illegal for two consenting adults to have sex. A trial run with a volunteer is part of the selection process and there are some very good reasons for this. I know the selection process is a lot tougher for male escorts but that’s because all the clients are women.. Male escorts need to .demonstrate they can treat the female clientele with care and respect and the agency needs to be sure the male escort poses no risk of harm to the female clients. Furthermore, the work of a male escort differs a lot from that of a female escort. Male escorts have to be able to romance a client and make her feel desirable and beautiful. Critics of this business need to realise that there’s more to this type of work than sex and not every man is up to the job.


      • Mr. Brown says

        What a load of drivel. Romance indeed. Male prostitutes for women. It is no different from female prostitutes whatever package you try to wrap it in. Clearly some middle age professional woman who no longer looks like she was in her twenties needs to be ravaged sexually by a young attractive bloke 15 or 20 years younger than her. It is exactly what some of these beach boys in those faraway countries do. They become experts at deceit. They manipulate your mind to make you feel desirable and beautiful for a price. It is all plastic and mechanical, an illusion. You will end up feeling lonely and empty afterwards. I am 50 and I am attracted to 25 – 30 year old sexy gorgeous female hookers. Face it, they do make you feel great but afterwards you wake up to reality. The agency exploits weaknesses to make huge amounts of money out of the vulnerability of some women

  4. says

    There are two parts to the escorting world: The immediate gratification that makes you feel great and the long term benefits should you be looking for those. We, they, I offer the same service that has been available to men for centuries.
    It can just be a bit of fun. I have no problem with that and wish more women would indulge in themselves in ways other than the standard ways they are expected by society.
    Some clients need more, due to a difficult break up or years of abuse. These women are looking for a stepping stone onto something greater. I stand in for the ‘real world.’ They are under no illusions about that and if they were I wouldn’t take further bookings with them – which I have done in the past.
    Finally this service is available for women who choose – freely – to take it up. All power to them, I say.